The Coalescent Logo.png

We tell the unseen and the unheard, through movement + light.   We dig deep, deeper than the eye can see, for stories, for information and for creative ideas.   

We started out as individuals, but realized that you make larger strides through collaboration.  

We are The Coalescent.  

We join with you on your creative adventures to produce content that hasn't been heard, or re-introduce messages again and again, but in a new light. We work for the emotion that is deep within.  Focusing heavily on light, we feel that it creates an emotion that is typically untapped.  We strive for the viewer of what is created, to want more.     

We are based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Coalescent is ready to help take on your idea, big or small.

We will coalesce.  


Phone: 717-497-7273